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I have a new Portfolio site up. The new page is dedicated to my fashion and editorial work. 
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Sunday Dinner

Growing up in a large Italian family meant there was always a big Sunday dinner. That is probably one of the reasons why Sunday is still my favorite day of the week. Although I don't I am on the other side of the country with my own family now, I still try to uphold this tradition. The number of mouths to feed may be less, the day is still just as special when I get to spend it peacefully with my boys.

Here are some shots from my last family dinner in Illinois.
Who doesn't love a good fish fry? I know I do!


It was truly such an honor to be able to photograph this sweet couple and not even because of how dang cute they are together! You see, this beautiful girl and I spent our growing years together. She was there for my first slumber party and I was there when she had to get an x-ray at the dentist due to a nasty little fall. I even remember when her a Brandon started dating seven years ago. Now she is holding me to the promise I made, once upon a time ago, that I would be her wedding photographer when she got married. So thank you Whitney, for making me stick to my word and sharing this wonderful time with you and your love. I can't wait for October!


Work in Progress

So, as new things get started this little blog of mine will be under going some changes. While things may be a mess here, there is a new Facebook page up and running! I'm very excited about the new direction of thing and I look forward to sharing my new adventures with you. 
- Christina