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So a lot has happened it the last year or so that I've been away from here! A year ago I moved from Illinois to Nashville, TN to study photography at an art school. I learned a lot of valuable things during my time there, both in class and life. During a visit home for Christmas, I saw someone I haven't seen in almost five years. That someone is now my husband! I fell in love with him when I was 16. The time was not right for us then but I knew what I felt was more than "puppy love". Cody has brought so much happiness into my life. He has also blessed me with an amazing little boy named Noah. 
After I finished school and we got married we moved to the west. It so beautiful here, I am in constant awe. Noah and I saw the ocean for the first time together! I'm so in love with my life right. My is a constant source of support and inspiration. 

So that what's new! I'm very excited to get this blog going again and share my passion!

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